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Family energy saving little common sense

      1, the use of temperature control valve energy-saving new residential radiator are equipped with temperature control valve, can use it to adjust the size of the radiator heating power, so as to control indoor temperature. But because the propaganda is not enough, most people don't know its purpose and method of use, still take the traditional way "hot and then open the window cooling", thus caused a lot of waste energy. In fact, we can in the daytime work doesn't have a home person will temperature control valve down, after work to open, so that it can save a lot of energy, the implementation of the household metering charge can also produce great economic benefits, save a lot of heating fee.

      2, installation energy-saving window will common single window into the heat preservation effect good hollow glass window, prevent loss of energy through the Windows, which have the effect of energy saving.

      3, installation of solar energy water heater in conditions allow, try to install solar water heater, both the green environmental protection and can save the family's expenses.

      4, use energy-saving lamps and lanterns will common incandescent lamp with energy-saving lamps, than incandescent lamp power saving 70% - 80%, service life of incandescent lamp is 8-10 times.

      5, air conditioning energy saving suggest air conditioner summer temperature setting in 26 íŠ - 28 íŠ, winter set in 16 íŠ - 18 íŠ, so that can save energy can also prevent the occurrence of "KongDiaoBing". At the same time, air conditioner use period, at least once a month cleaning indoor machine filter

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